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For 32 years, Milliflect has been supplying quality, precision antenna products for aerospace and commercial applications. Our unique gantry mill allows us to machine and inspect large parts to within .002 inch tolerances.

Machine and inspect parts up to 156 inches in size
Antenna With Radio Line-Of-Sight Communication System
Communication Antennas for most frequencies and sizes
Low cost high volume antenna applications from 6GHz to 40GHz
Millimeter wave Antennas from 10 inches to 12 feet for applications up to 200GHz
Flyweight Graphite Reflectors and Antennas
Special Shaped Surfaces  
19 ft, 0.0025 inch offset for RCS Range Application.
High Frequency Radomes
Precision Subreflectors.
Earth Station Antennas.
Mobile Antenna Application.

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37444 Sycamore St

Newark CA 94560



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